The UG Wearables Research Group is developing technologies involving wearable devices to solve real-world problems. Our current project aims to develop a system that to monitor the activity of patients and the elderly. Technologies used in this project include Arduino, web services, databases, MATLAB, machine learning, human activity recognition, and more. The group consists of undergraduate students, most of whom are majoring in computer science.


This group consists of a small group of undergraduate students. The group is advised by professors Henry Fuchs and Shahriar Nirjon. The following is a list of the students organized by time during which they were active contributors.

Summer 2015

  • Joshua Bakita (student coordinator)
  • Jimmy Wu¬†(web master)
  • Jeffery Young
  • James Stevens
  • Brett Somocurcio
  • Sean Freemerman
  • Amy Zhang

Fall 2015

  • Joshua Bakita (student coordinator)
  • Jimmy Wu
  • Amy Zhang
  • Fahd Ahmed
  • James Hunt
  • Eric Stone
  • Luiza Wille